Testimonials – Girls

Here is what the girls had to say about why Simply Sprouting was so magical on

May 9th, 2015 at the one day girls retreat


“The most magical thing about Simply Sprouting is the people, because in one day they manage to become your family”


“The magical thing about Simply Sprouting is that you get to listen to peaceful music, you can meditate. I absolutely love going outdoors. Pleeeeeeaasssseeee do this again tomorrow!!”


“The most magical part of Simply Sprouting is getting the journal and the singing that Laura did”


“The most magical things about Simply Sprouting were all of the workshops and songs and learning about the outdoors and exploring and the angels, also meditating with Laurel”


“The People. The Earth. The Land.”


“The most magical things about Simply Sprouting are: The runners of Simply Sprouting, Cathy, Laurel, Laura, Adrienne and Heidi. I also liked how it felt special and unique because everyone shared different things.”


“The most magical thing about Simply Sprouting is that you get to do different and unique things”


“The best things are talking, being with friends, outside and more”


“The most magical thing about Simply Sprouting is the people because each individual is special, unique, and magical in their own way.”


“The Dragon Sculpture”


“The most magical thing that happened was when we talked about rain and flowers, then it rained flowers”


“Learning new things, exploring different cultures, looking at the sculptures, having outdoor fun”


“Outside (in the garden), everyone’s personality, writing what comes to our minds, every girl in the room, the sky, meditation, the fountains, the trees, the fairies”


“The part I thought was the most magical was going outside and listening to the birds. I also thought that listening to the fountains outside was magical”


“The most magical thing about Simply Sprouting is that you get to do different and unique things”


“Decorating the cards, dream boxes, eating, writing on the white board wall”


“Be happy, magical, fun or funny, spending time together, playful, amazing, all of the above”


“The most magical thing of Simply Sprouting is the people there are so nice and that it is a magical day when you are there. I love it!!!!”


“The falling seeds – coincidental magic!!”

Here are some notes about how the girls felt about I Can Sparkle Too!

The One-Day Girls Retreat in January

Love SS 51

“I love Simply Sprouting because we meet new people we have fun, we express ourselves, we learn new things and we think positive. I want to come again. I’m Happy!”

Love SS 31

“I loved Simply Sprouting because it taught me to be more confident in myself and to love who I am. Thank you Simply Sprouting!”

Love SS 41

“Today I had fun. Played fun games and going outside to look for fairies. I could do it again. I loved how Felish changed her name”

Love SS 1

“Today at Simply Sprouting I had fun doing all of the activities. I also had fun making new friends and I had fun.”


 “Being Happy”


“I luv Simply Sprouting because I felt so magical doing the fairy walk. Also the music was fun and the board was so inspiring and fun to draw on! I really hope I can do this again PLEASE! P.S. Best Day Ever!!”


“I love Simply Sprouting because today it was really fun and I liked the workshops a lot”


“I had a great day today because I got to do fun activities and I got to spend time with my friends, Elle and Jessica. I also like Simply Sprouting because I like all the activities and I like going outside”

ss 61

“I love Simply Sprouting because I am more confident, I learned so much, I found my inner self, I feel free, I am so happy. I want to go more often. I love Simply Sprouting!”


“I liked it when we were just sitting inside and doing whatever and eating yummy snacks. I liked when we went outside and lied down in the snow, that was fun”

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