Testimonials – Parent

Here is some fantastic feedback from Parents about their Simply Sprouting Retreat experiences for the girls they sent!

“I would like to say Thank you to both of you wonderful ladies for making these retreats a memorable one for my daughter. B is a very shy quiet kid at heart but when she comes back from your retreats she has more confidence, strength, and is more relaxed.  The happiness, excitement and joy on her face and in her voice when she comes home shows me that she had an amazing time making some great new friendships and creating some wonderful memories with the other girls! “
“M thoroughly enjoys attending Simply Sprouting to meet new people, and learn new things in a calm, and safe environment. The confidence that she is gaining will assist her in endless ways. We have noticed her making more of an effort speaking up about the emotions that she is feeling when issues arise in her day-to-day life. Thanks Cathy & Laurel! Keep up the great work.” 




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