Participants from “I Can Sparkle Too!” 2015 Retreat 

Simply Sprouting was created as a way to support girls mind, body and spirit.  Simply Sprouting is based on the super successful business model, Simply Blossoming that supports women mind, body and spirit.

The Simply Sprouting philosophy is simple – when we Embrace, Educate and Empower girls, the more resilient they become. The more resilient girls are,  the better their academic achievement, the more confident, creative and energetic they are and the have a better ability to adapt to new situations . When empowered and resilient girls are out in the world, they are more likely to embrace, educate and empower other young girls, creating a complete circle of support.

Simply Sprouting offers a safe space for girls to connect with each other to discuss and explore topics that are important to them. Simply Sprouting believe so strongly in the voices and opinions of the girls that they have created an advisory board comprised of girls ages 7 – 12 that guide how the programs are created.

Here’s an amazing video of some of the key messaging they’d like to offer to girls around the world!

Is Simply Sprouting right for a girl in your life?

  1. Is she an amazing communicator or does she want to know how to become a better communicator?
  2. Is she passionate or interested in learning more about her passions?
  3. Is she interested in doing something amazing with girls around the globe?
  4. Does she want to change the world or make BIG changes in the lives of others?
  5. Would she like to inspire other girls?
  6. Does she want to connect and meet with other like-minded girls?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your girl needs to join us! Register here

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