Meet Kate

Kate Di Bon
Certified Life Coach, SSW


My Mission: I believe in the whole child philosophy and therefore assure that my coaching addresses the mind, body and spirit of each individual child. I want every child to have access to a safe non judgemental space where they can have a voice and let it be heard. A space to explore, a space to discover, a space to achieve; a space to grow.

My Story: I have had a challenge or two along the way. I was raised in a loving two parent home with two other siblings; me the eldest. I have amazing memories of my childhood and have a close bond with my family today. This however did not shelter me from painful obstacles in my life. There was alcoholism, narcissism, death of loved ones including friends. I was not an easy adolescent. I was stubborn. I rebelled any type of authority. I was self destructive. I had an eating disorder and believed I was not enough. I always had the last word, but I was compassionate and loved almost to a fault. At the onset of my early adulthood I decided to do what came naturally to me and I went into the social work field. I grew up and did the adult thing. I got married and had kids, but I still struggled with my weight, my body image and my self worth; I believed they were all tied into one. My life was happy, but I was sad. I used humour to keep people from noticing me and my size. I made fun of myself before they could make fun of me. I was the funny fat girl that everyone loved, but me. I truly hated myself and I became depressed. Moving forward; I quit my job and took one closer to home and my family. I had amazing intensive therapy to help rewire my core belief that I was worthless and never enough and eventually weight loss surgery. Today I am ENOUGH!

My Professional Bio: I have always had a great passion for working with children and youth. I have a natural ability to connect and develop meaningful rapport with them. I am a mom to two girls ages 11 and 13 and know first-hand the issues that are affecting today’s children in our schools and communities.

My background includes over 20 years of progressive experience in the Social Service sector, with primary responsibilities including facilitating life skills training workshops, employment coaching with youth who faced multiple and/or serious barriers to staying in or continuing with education as well as finding and retaining employment. I am a certified Life Coach; focus in child and youth. I am also an Educational Assistant with the Halton Board of Education for the past five years. My primary role is to support the teacher in meeting the needs of specific students and/or program needs within the school. My role includes: assisting students with lessons, assisting special needs students, including those with a wide range of mental and/or physical abilities, including mobility, communication, behavioural needs and personal care.

My background and training has enabled me to develop a whole child approach to coaching that draws from various psychology sub-disciplines. Warm, funny and invested in youth, I have created a coaching environment to help you or your child get unstuck, plan action steps, stay motivated, and achieve goals.

Targeted areas of focus:

  • Body image
  • Self confidence, Self worth/Esteem, Self care
  • Social/Emotional skills
  • Getting clear on life; goal setting and achieving

Looking forward to meeting you,

Kate Di Bon

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